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Rays Pretzels Medium Bavaria
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Best Soft Pretzel on Long Island!

Best Hot Dogs!

Best Bacon Menu Item!

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Rays Pretzels Medium Bavaria

Traditional Soft              Pretzels

    How do you like your Fresh Soft Pretzel?

   At Knot of this World, our hand twisted Pretzels all have one-of-a-kind characteristics just like homemade. This technique allows them to come in all shapes and sizes that appeal to your eyes while getting your taste buds and tummy ready for the ultimate Pretzel experience.  Our traditional Pretzels are topped with delicious pretzel SALT (or they come unsalted if requested). These amazing treats will put the biggest smile on any face.


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   Soft Pretzels 

    There are dozens of options when it comes to our Flavored Pretzels.  Get a pretzel hand-dipped in Cinnamon Sugar or get one stuffed with Broccoli and Cheddar Cheese and many more.  Our Executive Chef Ray Ruffino is creating new flavor combinations all the time.


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 Pretzel Platters

    Don't show up empty handed, bring a platter of our hot delicious nuggets.  Great for parties, at the office or any occasion.

          Make any party better with

               Knot of this World

                 Party Platters!!!

           100 Nuggets for $12.99!!!


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       Soft  Pretzel Braids 

     It’s a twisted pretzel taken to the next level!

     This awesome pretzel style delivers more knots (typically the best part of the pretzel) down the middle and a bigger bite with a fun satisfying texture. The Braids also can be utilized as a sandwich bread and they are a great sharing pretzels although you will definitely want to eat a whole one by yourself.


Pretzel Nuggets

    Hot delicious Soft Pretzel Nuggets.

        Bag of 50 Nuggets for $10.00


                          Contact Knot of this World Pretzels:  

                                        Tri-County Flea Market

                                        3041 Hempstead Tpke

                                         Levittown, NY  11756

                                           Tel: 516-238-0382


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